The Global Economic Crisis has changed the world we live in. The cost of living has gone up, and for many the Standard of Living is going down. Even for larger companies the cost of energy is beginning to feature in Boardroom discussions. How can we maintain comfortable working and living conditions for the majority in such a world? The answer must be: by thinking differently. Unless thermal comfort research addresses such issues it may become increasingly difficult to fund. Our research must be seen as part of the solution to global concerns. Windsor 2012 will be a unique Conference on Comfort set firmly in the context of the emerging challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing and increasing unpredictable world. In such circumstances how do we characterise a building that is truly 'Fit for Purpose'? How do we set design goals that will ensure that people can live comfortable, affordable and fulfilling lives? What new research areas do we need to address to ensure that such goals can be met? How will these changing goals impact on education, practice and Standards? The evening lectures at Windsor will address these changing contexts and be accompanied by formal and informal discussions and social activities. Comfort is central to how people behave in the built environment and consequently on the energy they use in their day to day lives. Against this background of big ideas and stimulating discussions the Windsor Conference will continue to provide a forum for leading researchers, practitioners, policymakers and students to present their work for considered discussion with leaders in the field from around the world. This unique event takes place in the luxurious surroundings of an 18th Century royal family residence in the grounds of Windsor Castle. Delegates can either come for the three days or on a daily rate but please book early for 2012 as numbers are limited and staying at Cumberland Lodge is a fondly remembered part of the experience.

NCEUB 2012
Windsor 7th Conference
International Conference held 12th- 15th April 2012, at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, UK


Fergus Nicol, Sue Roaf, Luisa Brotas and Michael Humphreys


(UK-based except as indicated)
Fergus Nicol, Luisa Brotas, Sue Roaf, Maria Kolokotroni, Michael Adebamowo (NG), Ed Arens (US), Atze Boerstra (NL), Gail Brager (US) Richard deDear (AU), Dusan Fiala (DE), Andy Ford, Max Fordham, Rajat Gupta, Jake Hacker, George Havenith, Shahin Heidari (IR), Mike Holmes, Michael Humphreys, Madhavi Indraganti (IN), Yi Jiang (CN), Tri Harso Karyono (ID), Stanley Kurvers (NL), Alison Kwok (US), Ashok Lall (IN), Roberto Lamberts (BR), Hal Levin (US), Edward Ng (HK), Li Baizhan (CN), Marialena Nikolopoulou, Bjarne Olesen (DK), Mark Olweny (UG), Ryozo Ooka (JP), Gwelen Paliaga (US), Ken Parsons, Jens Pfafferott (DE), Adrian Pitts, Hom Rijal (JP), Darren Robinson (CH), Agathi Sakka (GR), Mat Santamouris (GR), Olli Seppânen (FI), John Stoops (US), Shin-ichi Tanabe (JP) Paul Tuohy, Stephen Turner, Mike Wilson, Peter Wouters (BE), Runming Yao

Organised by the Network for Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings
Low Energy Architecture Research uNit
( London Metropolitan University

7th Windsor Conference 2012

Cumberland Lodge


After Dinner Talk - chaired by Fergus Nicol

SESSION 1: Understanding the complexity of comfort
Invited chair: Andreas Wagner

SESSION 2: Schools and non-domestic buildings
Invited chair: Michael Adebamowo

WORKSHOP 1: Standards for the indoor environmental Quality
Invited Chair: Bjarne Olesen

WORKSHOP 2: Designing Comfortable Buildings
Invited Chairs: Susan Roaf and Fionn Stevenson

SESSION 3: short presentations with Poster
Invited chairs: Peter Holzer and Luisa Brotas

After Dinner Talk
chaired by Susan Roaf

SESSION 4: Thermal comfort and domestic buildings
Invited chair: Tri Harso Karyono

SESSION 5: Domestic Buildings (continued), overheating and climate change
Invited chair: Kevin Lomas

SESSION 6: Short papers with poster
Invited chairs: Hom Rijal and Craig Roussac

WORKSHOP 3: Personal Control and Occupant behaviour in office buildings
Invited Chairs: Gail Brager and Rune Andersen

WORKSHOP 4: How to make comfortable low energy buildings that really do work?
Invited Chair: Paul Tuohy, Jake Hacker

SESSION 7: Hot Climates
Invited chair: Jens Pfafferott

SESSION 8: Comfort models and outdoor comfort
Invited chair: Michael Humphreys

CLOSING SESSION: Report back from workshops and charting the way ahead
Invited Chair: Richard de Dear

PAPERS appearing in the proceedings but authors unable to present

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