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General Papers

Solar reflected Glare
Luisa Brotas, Jan Wienold
Ambient Calculation Crash Course
John Mardaljevic
The Three-Phase and Five-Phase Methods for Simulating Complex Fenestration with Radiance
Andy McNeil
Glare evaluation tutorial
Jan Wienold
Radiance Code Update 2014 PDF
Greg J Ward
Radiance Explorations
Giulio Antonutto
GIS and Irradiation Mapping
Francesco Anselmo
Evaluating solar irradiance on urban sites by superimposing Radiance pictures
Raphaël Compagnon
Light to Look At +
Rob Shakespeare
Electrochromic / Tinted Glazing: Modelling the Illumination Spectrum
John Mardaljevic
Coupling Energy and Daylighting Simulation for Complex Fenestration Systems
Giuseppe De Michele, Ulrich Filippi Oberegger, Luca Baglivo
Recent Developments in Photon Mapping
Roland Schregle, Stephen Wittkopf
Simulating and Visualizing Annual Building Performance
Stephen Wasilewski
Update on BSDF measurement options
Peter Apian-Bennewitz
Measurement and modeling of a daylight redirecting component
Lars O. Grobe, Katrin Müllner, Stephen Wittkopf
Complex Material Models in Radiance
Andreas Noback, Stephen Wittkopf
More light, fewer emissions: daylight and carbon savings, from room to masterplan
Reinier Zeldenrust
Is current modelling practice fit-for-purpose for daylight evaluation using CBDM metrics?
Eleonora Brembilla, John Mardaljevic, Francesco Anselmo
OpenStudio - Radiance Support
Rob Guglielmetti
Parametric simulations for the comparison of simplified daylight glare assessment methods
Santiago L Torres
25 years of lighting design and simulation with Radiance
Francesco Anselmo, Giulio Antonutto, Andrew Sedgwick, Steve Walker, Florence Lam, Arfon Davies, Jeff Shaw, Santiago L Torres
Design of Prismatic light redirecting fenestration using Radiance
Khaled Nassar
A sensitivity analysis on glare detection parameters (remote presentation)
Mandana Sarey Khanie, Jan Wienold, Marilyne Andersen
Design optimization using Genopt and Daysim
Khaled Nassar
Daylighting Simulation with Honeybee (remote presentation)
Mostapha Sadeghipour