NCEUB Conferences, 13th International Radiance Workshop 2014

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Light to Look At +
Rob Shakespeare

Building: Arup 8 Fitzroy St.
Room: Emmerson & Shears Room
Date: 2014-09-03 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Last modified: 2014-08-30


First share an illustrated technique for combining R & G & B independent photometry into a single beam eminating from an RGB LED luminaire. AS each color has a slightly diffrerent photometric distribution, this technique is useful in accurately rendering and evaluating the full color effect of the luminaire.


And aside to demonsterate a strategy for modelling a 4 arch bridge directly using Radiance scene deswcriptions where damaged drawings are precad.


The LED  illumination of the above bridge is the background for my latest LED illuninated lighting sculpture  installation, opening May 22, 2015. I propose showing a brief "animation" used to garner support for the project.


IF the majority of attendents have not seen a DEVA low vision sequence of images, I propose, with permission, to present 2 minutes of imagery presented at a previous workshop. Greg has been added as a research consultant on the renewal project.

I suggest a 10 - 12 minute presentation slot, if accepted.