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See Resources/ImaginationSolar stalogo.gif imagination solar is a national supply and installation company specialising in solar hot water heating systems since 2001. We provide you with an affordable and effective way to reduce your heating bills (typically 50%), and promote the sustainability of your building.

The Imagination Solar solution works by supplementing your existing heating method using solar collectors. We have long-term experience in bringing these systems to customers.
* Accredited installers
* Grant schemes knowledge
* Solar Trade Association membership
* Friendly, impartial advice
* Customer service
* No quibble guarantee
Comprehensive information on the systems we offer
is available here.
Contact us:
Imagination Solar Limited
10-12 Picton Street * Montpelier * Bristol * BS6 5QA * UK
T: 0845 458 3168 * F: 0117 942 0164

Company website:
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