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Network for Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings Research

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Title of research Carbon Reduction in Buildings
Brief outline A socio-technical, longitudinal study of carbon use in buildings:
The CaRB research project will develop methods of reducing carbon emissions in domestic and non-domestic buildings. De Montfort, UCL, Reading, Newcastle and Sheffield Universities are collaborating on CaRB, which is funded by the Carbon Trust and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).
CaRB recognises that interventions which reduce carbon emissions from buildings require knowledge of both the technical and social dimensions of energy use in buildings. Toward this end, researchers at Reading and Newcastle universities are examining social and cultural influences on home energy use. We are also exploring opportunities for socio-technical interventions, i.e. those which take into account both the social aspects of people?s lives and the energy saving potential presented by technology.
The initial stages of our research involve a review of literature exploring social and cultural influences on home energy use, and a state of the art review. The latter will include workshops with experts in home energy use programs and policies. The central aim of the workshops is to develop a Bayesian Beliefs Network model illustrating social influences on home energy use and the impact that different socio-technical interventions are likely to have on home energy use. We will also feed data from other studies and from our own studies into the model. The model developed from this research will provide a tool that can help policy makers and programmers choose between interventions.
Further details of CaRB are available on
Researchers / Institutions Principal Investigator: Dr David Shipworth
Research Fellow: Ms Michelle Shipworth
University of Reading School of Construction Management and Engineering
Principal Investigator: Professor Simon Guy
Senior Research Associate: Dr Tracey Crosbie
University of Newcastle School of Architecture Planning and Landscape, GURU (Global Urban Research Unit)
Main funders Carbon Trust and EPSRC
Start / Completion dates
Status Project ongoing
Related publications
Contact details Dr Tracey Crosbie +44 (0)191 222 7282
ms michelle shipworth +44 (0)118 378 8205
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