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Title of research Predicting the effect of occupant behaviour on thermal comfort and energy use in buildings
Brief outline Computer simulations are increasingly used to predict the indoor climate and energy use of buildings. At present there is no accepted method for simulating naturally ventilated buildings controlled by their occupants. Yet the majority of buildings fall into this category. This proposal tackles this problem by using existing databases about the use of controls such as windows, blinds, lights and fans in offices.
The project will develop empirical algorithms to give the probability of occupants using a particular control. Many of the input variables to a simulation are also not precisely known, but probabilty distributions are available from meteorological records.
The combined probability distribution of these factors will be predicted. From this it will be possible to calculate the distribution of energy use and indoor climate (and hence the risk of discomfort) using dynamic simulation techniques. New methods to predict the future performance of naturally ventilated building will be developed as part of the project.
This project will give building designers and others a method for predicting the future risk of discomfort and range of energy use in naturally ventilated buildings.
Researchers / Institutions Fergus Nicol and Langes Supramaniam: Oxford Brookes University
Joe Clarke and Iain Macdonald: Strathclyde University
Main funders EPSRC
Start / Completion dates December 2004 / December 2006
Status Project ongoing
Keywords Controls, energy use, thermal comfort, natural ventilation, building simulation
Related publications Nicol, J.F. (2001) Characterising occupant behaviour in buildings: towards a stochastic model of occupant use of windows, lights, blinds heaters and fans. Proceedings of the seventh international IBPSA conference, Rio 2, pp 1073-1078. International Building Performance Simulation Association, (rio2001.pdf available as pdf Δ)
nicol, j.f. and humphreys, m.a. (2004) a stochastic approach to thermal comfort, occupant behaviour and energy use in buildings ashrae transactions 110(2) pp554-568
Contact details Fergus Nicol:
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