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Ph D 12

Title of thesis Outdoor thermal comfort: recreational spaces activities in extreme warm dry climate
Abstract Estimating the conditions by meteorological variable for thermal comfort establishes the grounds to right decision making regarding architectonic design. Outdoor thermal comfort is one of the essential characteristics of urban environment quality. This work aims to knowing meteorological variables effect on the users of outdoor recreational areas in extreme warm dry climate. A corelational study was developed, with the adaptive approach, in four periods. The dry bulb temperature, grey globe temperature, relative humidity and wind speed were measured. Three levels of activity were considered. The data analysis was realized with the method of averages by interval of thermal sensation. It was observed that a different effect exists, in the perceived thermal sensation, by meteorological variable, climatic period and level of activity.
Researcher / Institution Gonzalo Bojorquez-Morales, National Council for Science and Technology of Mexico, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Autonomic University of Baja California
Status / Completion date Completed
Keywords Thermal comfort; Outdoors spaces; Neutral Values; Neutral temperature; Activity Nivel
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