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Ph D 10

Title of thesis Occupant Behavior Within the Built Environment - Analysis of the Influences on the Behavior and the Resulting Effect on the Exergy Consumption of a Community
Abstract Occupant behaviour and its relation to the energy use within the built environment have become more important in the recent years. This research deals with the occupant behaviour and its relation to the physical environmental conditions, such as air temperature and humidity as well as personal factors, such as the individual preference, the thermal and behavioural background of the occupant. The findings obtained through measurements and surveys will be used for basic simulations in order to determine the magnitude of occupant behaviour on the exergy consumption pattern within a community.
Researcher / Institution Marcel Schweiker
Tokyo City University (former Musashi Institute of Technology), Yokohama, Japan
Status / Completion date Ongoing - April 2010
Keywords Behaviour; Control; Simulation; Psychology; Exergy
Related publications Schweiker M, Shukuya M. Investigation on the Relationship Between Occupants' Individual Difference and Air-Conditioning Usage During Nighttime in Summer. Journal of Environmental Engineering 2008;73(633): 1275-82 (in English with Japanese summary).
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