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Ph D 1

Title of thesis Climatic Design Model - Developing Mahoney Charts
Abstract There is lots of research on Thermal Comfort and energy saving in buildings up to now. Understanding the fact that there should be simple bridge for Architects to connect their building design to climatic solutions without learning every detail of comfort and climate science, made me think of developing a model not necessarily a computer based one, because those model now are not widely used, but a simple paper work one.
Mahoney Charts is the basic foundation of this research and other studies such as Fanger, Humphreys, Dedear have been considered.
The model could be vastly used in many countries mainly in developing ones with high demand of building sector.
Researcher / Institution Ommid Saberi
Status / Publication date Project ongoing
Keywords Climatic Design; Mahoney Charts; Architecture; Thermal comfort; Energy Efficency
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Contact details Ommid Saberi
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