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Network for Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings Research


This section includes papers by Network members (downloadable in pdf format). Members can send papers to the Administrator (in pdf format) for inclusion. Please cite up to 5 keywords with your request (preferably from the selected list of Research/keywords).

Note that you can also find papers associated with members' Ph D theses described at

windsorconference2008 windsor conference 2008 - papers from conference proceedings:?

Air conditioning and the low carbon cooling challenge,
Windsor, UK, 27-29 July, 2008

windsorconference2006 windsor conference 2006 - papers from conference proceedings:?

Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings: Getting them right,
Windsor, UK, 27-30 April, 2006

windsorconference2001 windsor conference 2001 - selected papers from conference proceedings:?

Moving Thermal Comfort Standards into the 21st Century,
Windsor, UK, 5-8 April, 2001

Other papers by Network members

central_heating_paper.pdf central heating installation for older, low-income households: what difference does it make? Δ Rudge J, Winder R (2002)
Indoor Air 2002: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate, H Levin, ed. 4: 1078-83. Santa Cruz, California: Indoor Air 2002.

Keywords: Measurement methods, Psychosocial factors, Questionnaires and perception assessments, Residences, Thermal conditions

rio2001.pdf characterising occupant behaviour in buildings: towards a stochastic model of occupant use of windows, lights, blinds, heaters and fans. Δ J Fergus Nicol (2001)
Proceedings of the seventh international IBPSA conference, Rio 2, pp 1073-1078. International Building Performance Simulation Association.

Keywords: Controls, occupants, thermal comfort, natural ventilation, building simulation

thellier.pdf modelling of occupant-controlled global heating in buildings Δ M Enravadan, F Thellier, JP Bedrune (2004)
Closing the Loop. Post occupancy evaluation: Windsor Conference 2004.

Keywords: Modelling, Global behavioural regulator, Energy consumption.

roomvent.pdf modelling of 'behavioural adjustments' and its impact on energy consumption in offices Δ M. Endravadan, F. Thellier and F. Monchoux (2004)
Room Vent 2004: 9th International Conference on air distribution in rooms 5 - 8 september 2004 University of Coimbra Portugal

Keywords: Behavioural adaptation, Clothing adjustments, Set-point temperature.

utci-icb02proc.pdf an update on the development of a universal thermal climate index Δ G Jendritzky, A Maarouf, D Fiala, Henning Staiger,
ICB Proceedings 2002

rvent2000pp.pdf predicted comfort envelopes for office buildings with passive downdraught evaporative cooling Δ D. Martinez , D. Fiala, M. J. Cook and K. J. Lomas
Room Vent 2000, Reading, UK, Conf. Proc.

Keywords: Comfort envelope, adaptive behaviour, thermal sensation, PDEC, low energy buildings

plea-pp99.pdf dynamic thermal sensation in pdec buildings Δ D Fiala, K J Lomas, D Martínez, and M J Cook
PLEA '99, Brisbane, AUS, 1999, Conference Proc.

ibpsa03.pdf predicting human geometry-related factors for detailed radiation analysis in indoor spaces Δ, K. Kubaha, D. Fiala and K. J. Lomas,
Proc. IBPSA 8th International Building Simulation Conference, Vol. 2, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2003.

cibse-pp99.pdf application of a computer model predicting human thermal responses to the design of sports stadia Δ, D. Fiala and K.J. Lomas
CIBSE '99, Harrogate, UK, 1999, Conference Proc.

Excess winter morbidity among older people at risk of cold homes: a population-based study in a London borough. Rudge J and Gilchrist R (2005) Journal of Public Health. Vol 27, No.4: 353-358 (link to journal abstract)

Keywords: Cold, excess winter morbidity, housing, older people.

Determinants of winter indoor temperatures in low income households in England. T Oreszczyn, S H Honga, I Ridley, P Wilkinson and The Warm Front Study Group (2006) Energy and Buildings Vol 38, Issue 3: 245-252 (link to journal abstract)

Keywords: Indoor temperature; Energy efficiency; Determinants

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