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**Other Notices**


The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) wishes to commission a number of fact sheets which would provide an information resource on the relationship between energy and the built environment, focusing each fact sheet on a geographical region.

By bringing together the key facts on energy and the built environment, the aims of this would be to provide a resource to help practitioners in the real estate and construction professions more effectively understand the linkages between energy use and the built environment. It is not our intention that this be based on any original research or data-gathering but simply be a collation of existing data that is already available in the public domain.

We are now wishing to commission a series of region-specific fact sheets for a number of countries in Europe, and would wish to invite proposals to carry this out for four fact-sheets, as follows:

- France - Spain - Germany - the Scandinavian countries

We would like to try to make the fact sheets as similar as possible, and we would envisage that the information that would be provided would embrace (but not necessarily be restricted to), in the context of the country/region being covered:

- key data on energy use in the built environment. This can be of the nature of trends over time (historical and projected future), breakdowns of current usage in various ways - this is probably the key element of the fact sheet

- brief descriptions of key aspects of the issue (e.g. emissions trading scheme)

- roles and responsibilities of the key agencies involved

- key forthcoming legislation

- 'sound-bites' of interesting facts

Characteristics of the information should be:

- the source data must all be in the public domain and must be authoritative - all sources should be provided

University College London have produced a global context-setting fact sheet, which describes the global context of energy use, and this would be incorporated into all the regional fact sheets. If you would like to see this, please let me know and I will send it to you.

While we would anticipate that this would be produced in a format of no more than 4-6 pages, you should not restrict yourselves to a specific number of data sources - provide as many as you reasonably can, and we will consider which to make best use of.

You may like to look at the various fact sheets provided by the UK Economic and Social Research Council as a broad model for this:

The sum of UK sterling £2,500 is available for each of these - as you can see from this, we are not anticipating that you allocate a huge amount of time to this, and would envisage that the work involved would simply be bringing together existing sources of information. We are not looking for any discussion or analysis in this - just the facts! It may well be that this is a suitable commission for a post-grad student.

If you feel that you or colleagues at your institution might be in a position to do this, please send me an email, indicating previous research that has enabled you to gather together the appropriate datasets and information for this. Given the modest amount of money available for these, we don't want to put you to unnecessary work at this stage, so just a quick email will suffice. On the basis of this, we can then gauge whether there is scope to take this forward.

All design work on the document would be done by RICS, so there would be no need to manipulate the data in any way prior to delivery to us.

We would credit the person/people who carried out the work in the final document and include the logo of the organisation carrying out the work in the design of the fact sheet.

I do hope that this is of interest to you - if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Stephen Brown Head of Research RICS 12 Great George Street London SW1P 3AD UNITED KINGDOM

Find details of RICS research work at:

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