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NCEUB Autumn Conference

8 September 2009
Initiated by the European project commoncense (eie-07-190) and co-sponsored by the edinburgh climate change centre
Martin Hall in New College located on the Mound close to Waverley Station
SESSION 1: 10.30-12.30 New approaches to Standards
Invited chair: Prof Sue Roaf
Jake Hacker Arups CIBSE TM 48 and 49 - future weather years for building simulation.]] [[nceub:uploads:public:nceub_autumn_conference_2009:session1:s09hacker.pdf|presentation
Yi Zhang IESD, De Montfort University Adapting thermal comfort model to the aging population]] [[|presentation
Fergus Nicol London Metropolitan University Testing and applying adaptive standards: EU projects Commoncense]] and [[nceub:uploads:public:nceub_autumn_conference_2009:session1:Pagliano.pdf|keepcool2]] [[|presentation
Michael Humphreys Oxford Brookes University Outdoor temperature and comfort indoors]] [[|presentation
Atze Boerstra presentation]] Ken Parsons [[|presentation and speakers: Discussion on Standards
SESSION 2: 1.30-3.15 Passivhaus and other low-energy solutions
Invited chair: Prof Ken Parsons
Henrietta Lynch University College London A review of Passivhaus design in the UK]] [[nceub:uploads:public:nceub_autumn_conference_2009:session2:s09lynch.pdf|presentation
Sandhya Patidar and David Jenkins Heriot Watt University Decision support for building adaptation in a low carbon climate change future]] [[nceub:uploads:public:nceub_autumn_conference_2009:session2:p09patidar.pdf|presentation
Waleed Yagoub Ramboll UK Limited Challenges to achieving comfort with double skin facade in a hot climate]] [[nceub:uploads:public:nceub_autumn_conference_2009:session2:s09yagoub.pdf|presentation
Andrew Peacock Heriot Watt University Overheating in UK domestic dwellings - What is it and what might affect it?]] [[nceub:uploads:public:nceub_autumn_conference_2009:session2:s09peacock.pdf|presentation
Paul Tuohy, Susan Roaf and speakers: Discussion on low-carbon design
SESSION 3: 3.30-5.00 Design of buildings and outdoor environment
Invited chair: Rev Prof Michael Humphreys
Michael Adebamowo Univ Lagos, Nigeria The climate change challenge in Africa: impact, mitigation and adaptation]] [[nceub:uploads:public:nceub_autumn_conference_2009:session3:s09adebamowo.pdf|presentation
Faisal Aljawabra Bath University Outdoor thermal comfort in the hot arid climate: The effect of socio-economic background and cultural differences]] [[nceub:uploads:public:nceub_autumn_conference_2009:session3:outdoor_thermal_comfort_in_the_hot_arid_climate-nceub.pptx|presentation
Ju Youn Kwon Loughborough University Evaluation of the PMV Thermal Comfort Index in Outdoor Weather Conditions]] [[nceub:uploads:public:nceub_autumn_conference_2009:session3:s09kwon.pdf|presentation
Noortje Alders and Stanley Kurvers Delft University Comfort Delivery on Demand - poster]] [[nceub:uploads:public:nceub_autumn_conference_2009:session3:s09alders.pdf|presentation
Lisa Kelly/Ken Parsons Loughborough University Comfort in trains (2 poster papers)
EVENING MEETING Organised by Scottish Energy Systems Group
Design of comfortable low energy buildings
6.30 - 9.00: Geography Institute in Surgeon's Square (site of the Old Infirmary)
Michael Humphreys and Fergus Nicol Oxford Brookes & London Met Thermal Comfort Standards and how they impact on design Presentations: Humphreys]] [[nceub:uploads:public:nceub_autumn_conference_2009:evening:s09nicol_pm.pdf|Nicol
Atze Boerstra BBA consultants Experiences of incorporating comfort in the design of low energy buildings presentation
Peter Newton Swinburne University of Technology, Australia Transitioning to zero carbon housing - where hybrid buildings and standards fit in presentation

For a pdf version of the programme go here

For a list of those who attended go here

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