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[[nceub:network:mc2011conferencepresentations|MC 2011 Conference Presentations]]

People and buildings 2011 Conference, with links to presentations in pdf format.

Conference was held on the 23rd September 2011, at Offices of Arup at 8 Fitzroy street, London W1T 4BQ

23rd September 2011
Conference to be held at offices of Arup London, UK
PRESENTATIONS: People and buildings
MC06 James Oyeleke, Brunel University, UK
Controled test and modeling of a semi-active PCM cooling system
MC10 Ren Xin, Brunel University, UK
Urban Heat Island in London and its Effect on Cooling/Heating Loads in Buildings
MC11 Alex Ndibwami, Uganda Martyrs University, Uganda
Architecture as Environment: Perceptions on gender and community as determinants of comfort and energy use in buildings
MC14 Alexandra Hills, Victoria University of Wellington, UK
Visualising Building Energy in 3D: Collecting and Communicating Energy Benchmarks and Potential Using Emerging Web Applications and Omnidirectional Imagery
MC16 Michel Francis, Cardiff University, UK
Investigating Passive Cooling Techniques in the summer season in Abu Dhabi
MC19 Sultan G. Al-Ghamdi, University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Potential Energy Saving and Peak Shaving of Electric in Single Family Houses In Saudi Arabia
MC20 Gabriela Santiago, London Metropolitan University, UK
Towards dayllight guidelines for tropical climates
MC21 Elena Fortunato, London Metropolitan University, UK
Towards a sustainable life: can a lifestyle change " the System" ?
MC22 Pranoti Bobhate, University of Nottingham, UK
Villa Savoye - An architectural wonder or a thermal disaster
MC23 Aikaterini Chatzivasileiadi, Cardiff University, UK
Distributed or centralised energy systems? Towards sustainable development of the islands
MC24 Dishant jariwala, University of Nottingham, UK
Light and experience: How can Architectural strategies of manipulating light, create experiential spaces
MC26 Barry McNaboe, Cardiff University, UK
Thermal Mass and Patterns of Occupancy in the Refurbishment of Irish Housing Stock
MC27 Anupama Udaykumar, University of Nottingham, UK
A study of the facade strategy adopted in the Mill Owners' association building, Ahmedabad, India -It's a visual and thermal effect on the internal environment
MC31 Oleksandra Ivanchuk, University of Nottingham, UK
"Comparison of energy use between retrofitting and rebuilding traditional buildings in the coastal area of the Crimean peninsula, Ukraine"
MC32 Manan Sheth, University of Nottingham, UK
"Green BIM development: Developing a workflow to integrate Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) with Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Zero Carbon housing in United Kingdom"
MC33 Lisa Gobio-Lamin, UCL, UK
Usability of thermostat controls - an example of the UCL Energy Institute
MC34 Peter Warren, UCL, UK
Incorporating behavioural complexity into the Open Source Energy Modelling System using intangible costs and benefits
MC36 Xiaochen Wu, Loughborough University, UK
Coupled Thermal Comfort and Airflow Modelling of Emergency Tents
MC37 Jannie Bakkær, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Impact of alternating window opening behavior on different building envelope designs
MC38 Gabriela Marrero, London Metropolitan University, UK
The Cool House: Passive and Low Energy Cooling for Tropical Hot-Humid Climates
MC39 Arash Beizaee, Loughborough University, UK
A Comparison of Calculated and Subjective Thermal Comfort Sensation in Home and Office Environment
MC40 Miguel Angel Juarez de leon, University of Nottingham, UK
Light and Intention of the Sir John Soane`s Musem
MC42 Ana De Sousa Pedro Braga Clemente , Oxford Brookes University, UK
The changes of occupants' comfort throughadequate shading devices
MC43 Mark Lomas , Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Vegetated SUDS : Quantifying The Benefits of Urban 'Rain Gardens' on Air Pollution, Air Cooling, Urban Heat Island Effect and Health
MC45 Davide Frasca , London Metropolitan University, UK
Earth Architecture as a Solution for Affordable and Sustainable Homes
MC47 Kate Simpson , Loughborough University, UK
the indoor air quality of a victorian school with a post-1968 extension Δ
MC52 Helena Barreto Arguelles , Oxford Brookes University, UK
Transitional Spaces: Balconies Regulating Indoor Thermal Comfort
MC53 Iván Cruz Navarrete , University of Nottingham, UK
A review of Building Energy Efficiency Codes in the UK and Spain Mainstreaming a framework for Housing Building Code in Mexico
MC54 Sujal V. pandya , London Metropolitan University, UK
Tall buildings and Urban microclimate - A Bioclimatic study of urban fabric
MC55 Themis Chatzigiannopoulos , Cardiff University, UK
"The effect of semi-hypaethral spaces on residential thermal loads in a shifting Greek regulatory context"
MC58 Linda Toledo , University of East London, UK
Is it possible to achieve Zero Carbon Compliance in the city? If so, would the Zero Carbon energy efficiency standards still be appropriate in a changing climate?
MC61 Michael Hanson , Cardiff University, UK
The risk and reward of implementing zero carbon retrofit to UK dwellings: Studies of implemented measures & analysis of outcomes for building stock
MC62 Priya Gupta , Nottingham University, UK
An Insight into Chandigarh College of Architecture: Environmentally Challenged Creative Spaces
MC63 Carla Nassab , Oxford Brookes University, UK
Minimizing Energy Consumption in new built- Learning from the Old -In Sahel Alma Lebanon
MC64 Maryam Mohammad Gholipour , Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
Therapeutic color for sustainable buildings, Based on traditional Iranian monuments of Safavid dynasty in Esfahan
MC65 Faye Wade , UCL, UK
Could shared lighting controls cause conflict in open-plan offices?
MC66 Lilian Martins da Silva , University of Nottingham, UK
Energy efficiency upgrades in architecturally interesting housing
MC68 Richard Jack , Loughborough University, UK
The Expanding House: Extensions to Domestic Buildings and their Impact on Energy Consumption
MC69 Rahul Ramrao Suralkar , University of Nottingham, UK
Solar Responsive Kinetic Facade Shading Systems inspired by plant movements in nature
MC72 Giulia Sonetti , University of Nottingham, UK
Environmental convenience of a building retrofit
MC74 Oluwatoyin Phillip , University of Nottingham, UK
Passive downdraught evaporative cooling: An investigation of its applicability for Residential space cooling in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
MC76 Shahaboddin Resalati , Oxford Brookes University, UK
Developing a new model as a fixed shading device and comparing the energy results with existent shading devices
MC82 James Hedger , Loughborough University, UK
Understanding CO2 dispersion and distribution in school classrooms
MC90 J.S. Cheung Loughborough University, UK
CFD Modelling of Natural Ventilation in Multi-cellular Spaces: Case Study - SSEES Building
MC93 Swanand Mahashabde , London Metropolitan University, UK
Investigating Relative Humidity within Dwellings: An Indirect Cause of Building and Occupant Ill Health
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