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Network for Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings - Aims


NCEUB will seek to improve the quality and coherence of research and product development in comfort and energy use in buildings. NCEUB will work in three ways: proactively, reactively and interactively.

Proactive work will include appointing work groups to survey existing research and identify gaps, approaching funding bodies to present the need for more research, defining and framing potential standards, developing a database of web-based material and broadening NCEUB membership.

Reactive work would cover work with and for people or institutions inside and outside NCEUB: for instance providing guidance and advisory materials, providing a portal for Consultancy work with outside bodies and providing design materials. NCEUB will provide such advice through providing access to a database of written material on their website, by word of mouth discussion with the co-ordinator or the administrator or through directing the query to appropriate individuals or groups in the Nceub:network:

Interactive work would include informal workshops and seminars, and a six-monthly general meeting at which business will be discussed and research papers will be presented (see NCEUB events for next meeting). A newsletter will be produced and the network will host an international conference. There would also be co-operation in research with the development of a system of mentor groups who could provide guidance and advice to research teams.

The scope of the research may include contexts other than buildings (e.g. vehicles, outdoors) but will not deal with lighting and acoustic comfort except where these have appreciable implications for the thermal environment.

The broad contexts of the work will cover:

Design, occupants and conventionsMeasurement and modellingStandards and legislation

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