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Windsor Conference 2006

Programme for Windsor 2006 Conference with links to papers in pdf format.

A CD Rom version of the proceedings is available, which includes the presentations and papers. Contact Professor Fergus Nicol to obtain the CD.

NOTE: The suggested citation details for these papers is as follows:

Proceedings of conference: Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings - Getting them Right, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, UK, 27-30th April 2006. London: Network for Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings,

27th - 30th April 2006
Cumberland Lodge, Windsor
Thursday, 27th April 2006
Welcome by Fergus Nicol, NCEUB London Metropolitan University
After Dinner Talk - chaired by Fergus Nicol
69 Thermal comfort in extreme climates
Prof Max Fordham
Friday, 28th April 2006
Invited chairs: Ed Arens and Adrian Pitts
Invited chairs: Michael Humphreys and Roberto Lamberts
Invited chairs: Tadj Oreszczyn and Jiang Yi
Roberto Lamberts
1 Thermal comfort in buildings located in regions of hot and humid climate of Brazil.
Wagner Augusto Andreasi and Roberto Lamberts
Shahin Heidari
18 New Life - Old Structure
Shahin Heidari
Lucila C. Labaki
28 Thermal comfort evaluation: a study in workplaces at the clothing industry in Brazil
Tatiana C. Gouvêa; Lucila C. Labaki; Álvaro C. Ruas; Paulo A. Maia
Tri Harso Karyono
25 Report on thermal comfort study in Bandung, Indonesia
Tri Harso Karyono
Chirarattananon Surapong
45 Thermal Comfort Assessment in Two Tropical Regions and Radiant Cooling as a Passive Cooling Option
Surapong Chirarattananon, Nyi Nyi Htan, Rizwan Ahmed Menon, and Prapapong Vangtook
Terry Williamson
49 Perceptions and Expectations of Thermal Comfort in the Philippines
M. M. Andamon, T. J. Williamson, V. I. Soebarto
Invited chairs: Sue Roaf and Kevin Lomas
Short presentations and posters
Zhen Chen (Presentations given but papers not accepted for proceedings)
9 An energy efficiency oriented analytic network process for intelligent buildings assessment
Zhen Chen; Derek J Clements-Croome; Ju Hong; Heng Li; Qian Xu
8 An intelligent decision support system for well-being and energy-saving oriented building performance assessment
Zhen Chen; Derek J Clements-Croome; Kecheng Liu; Lily Sun
Fabio Bitencourt (paper not presented)
3 Thermal comfort contribution for design of obstetrical suites
Fábio Bitencourt and Cláudia Barroso-Krause
Leonardo Montiero
30 Outdoor thermal comfort: comparison of results of empirical field research and predictive models simulation
Leonardo Marques Monteiro and Marcia Peinado Alucci
After Dinner Talk: Invited chair Mat Santamouris
The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
Eduardo Maldonado
Saturday, 29th April 2006
Invited chairs: Mike Holmes and Andreas Wagner
Invited chairs: Eduardo Maldonado and Shahin Heidari
Mike Holmes and Jake Hacker
19 Low-energy Design Techniques for a Sustainable Future
Professor Michael Holmes & Jacob N. Hacker
Iain Macdonald
29 Predicting adaptive responses - simulating occupied environments
Clarke JA, Macdonald IA and Nicol JF
Noriko Umemiya
62 Survey of Control Usage for Apartments in Japan in Summer and Autumn Air conditioner and window opening
Noriko Umemiya, Ginjiro Inoue and Lin Xiaoyong
Anarrita Buoro
7 Energy and cost performance of façades varying glass type and solar protection, in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, computational analysis of sixteen case studies in Brazil.
Buoro, Anarrita Buenoi; Alucci, Marcia Peinado; Benedetto, Gisele Saveriano De
Lutz Katschner
26 Microclimatic thermal comfort analysis in cities for urban planning and open space design
Lutz Katzschner
Invited chairs: Bjarne Olesen and Bruce Forwood
Invited chairs: Terry Williamson and Tri Harso Karyono
After Dinner Address chaired by Max Fordham
Prof Jiang Yi introducing the Building Energy efficiency Centre at Tsinghua, China and some of their research on topics such as humidity control and building simulation.
Sunday, 30th April 2006
Invited chairs: Darren Robinson and Chirarattananon Surapong
Sue Roaf
37 Comfort, Culture and Climate Change
Sue Roaf
Birgit Krause and Kevin Lomas
43 Environmental Performance of a Naturally Ventilated City Centre Library
Birgit Krausse, Malcolm Cook and Kevin Lomas
Catherine Harrington (paper not presented)
41 Guide to Sustaining Existing Tower Blocks in the UK
Prashant Kapoor, Catherine Harrington, Chris Church, Toby Gale Pixie Tan and Anis Abou-Zaki
Invited chairs: Michael Adebamowo and David Ormandy
Janita Nakano
53 Thermal comfort conditions in train stations for transit and short-term occupancy
Junta Nakano, Kiyoshi Sakamoto, Tadashi Iino, Shin-ichi Tanabe
Adrian Pitts
34 Potential for Energy Saving in Transition Spaces
Jasmi bin Saleh and Adrian Pitts
Fergus Nicol
66 Comfort in outdoor spaces in Manchester and Lewes, UK
Fergus Nicol, Elizabeth Wilson, Anja Ueberjahn-Tritta, Leyon Nanayakkara and Maria Kessler
Ommid Saberi & Parisa Saneei
70 Thermal Comfort in Architecture
Ommid Saberi, Parisa Saneei
Michael Adebamowo
71 Thermal comfort for naturally ventilated houses in Lagos metropolis
Michael A. Adebamowo
The End
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