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Earthscan - one of the leading publishers in Sustainable Development. Their authoritative books and journals provide valuable reference tools.

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Suggested titles of interest to NCEUB members detailed below:

http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/726 advances in solar energy
an annual review of research and development in renewable energy technologies, volume 17
editor-in-chief yogi goswami
part of the advances in solar energy series
not yet published - pre-order your copy
www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esadvsolenergy_sm.jpg www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esappliedpv_sm.jpg http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/747 applied photovoltaics
by stuart r wenham, martin a green, muriel e watt, richard corkish
new - published dec 2006
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http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/695 sustainable solar housing
2-volume set - new - published dec 2006
edited by robert hastings and maria wall
volume 1 presents strategies and solutions…. this will appeal to energy consultants, engineers, specialized architects, engineering and architecture students and housing specialists.
volume 2 offers a detailed analysis of exemplary buildings in different european countries and examines in-depth the various technological options available. … this will appeal to architects in particular, alongside architecture and engineering students, engineers and other professionals who are interested in sustainable architecture.
www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_eswind_sm.jpg http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/734/ developing wind power projects:\\ theory and practice
by tore wizelius
new - published dec 2006
http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/763 geothermal heat pumps
guide for planning and installing
by karl ochsner, with introduction by robin curtis
not yet published - pre-order your copy
* introduces basic theory and reviews a wide variety of available heat pump models
* will put any installer, engineer or architect in the position to design, select and install a domestic geothermal heat pump system
www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esgeothermal_sm.jpg www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esaber_sm.jpg http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/743 advanced building energy research
volume 1, editor-in-chief matheos santamouris
annual publication
not yet published - pre-order possible
annually published and peer-reviewed, an invaluable resource for architects, building engineers, environmental engineers, industry professionals, students, teachers and researchers in building science
http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/157/ energy performance of residential buildings
a practical guide for energy rating and efficiency
edited by m. santamouris
pub dec 2004
www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esenergyperf_res_sm.jpg www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esbldgvent_sm.jpg http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/48/ building ventilation
the state of the art
edited by mat santamouris and peter wouters
prepared in association with the air infiltration and ventilation centre (aivc); the aivc was established by the international energy agency to offer industry and research organizations technical support aimed at optimizing ventilation technology
pub june 2006
http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/228/ greening the built environment
by maf smith, john whitelegg and nick j. williams
pub july 1998
www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esgreening1.jpg www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esatlasclimch_sm.jpg http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/738/ atlas of climate change
mapping the world's greatest challenge
by kirstin dow and thomas e downing
condenses the history, causes, dangers and scientific background into powerful easy-to-read maps, graphics and tables - the essential source for learning and teaching about the world's greatest challenge
pub oct 2006
http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/673/ climate change
turning up the heat
a. barrie pittock
pub dec 2005
the book discusses the major impacts of climate change on natural ecosystems and past civilizations, and describes how scientists are predicting future change. it also outlines the options for living with climate change, from mitigation to adaptation.
www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esclimch_sm.jpg www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esurbaninfrast_sm.jpg http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/491/ urban infrastructure in transition
networks, buildings and plans
by timothy moss, simon guy and simon marvin
edited by simon guy, simon marvin and timothy moss
pub oct 2000
http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/76/ the climatic dwelling
introduction to climate-responsive residential architecture
by e. o'cofaigh, j.a. olley and j.o. lewis
pub nov 1996
www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esclimatic_dwg_sm.jpg www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esbioclim_hsg_sm.jpg http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/691/ bioclimatic housing
innovative designs for warm climates
edited by richard hyde
not yet published - pre-order your copy
http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/396/ solar air systems: a design handbook
edited by robert hastings
pub dec 2000
www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_essolar_airsys_sm.jpg www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esroofcool_sm.jpg http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/377/ roof cooling techniques
a design handbook
by simos yannas, evyatar erell and jose luis molina
pub dec 2005
http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/316/ natural ventilation in buildings
a design handbook
edited by francis allard and mat santamouris
pub feb 1998
www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esnatvent_bldgs_sm.jpg www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_essolarch_cool_sm.jpg http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/615/ solar architecture in cool climates
by colin porteous with kerr macgregor
pub sept 2005
http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/425/ stay cool
a design guide for the built environment in hot climates
by holger koch-nielsen
pub nov 2002
www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esstaycool_sm.jpg www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esadvpasscool_sm.jpg http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/762/ advances in passive cooling
edited by mat santamouris
not yet published - pre-order your copy
http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/616/ a handbook on low-energy buildings and district-energy systems
fundamentals, techniques and examples
l.d. danny harvey
new - published aug 2006
www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_eslowebldgs_sm.jpg www.nceub.org.uk_uploads_esenautonomy_sm.jpg http://shop.earthscan.co.uk/productdetails/mcs/productid/737/ energy autonomy
the economic, social and technological case for renewable energy
by hermann scheer
new - published dec 2006