Tri Harso Karyono


The NCEUB homage to Professor Dr Tri Harso Karyono

We are sorry to tell you that Professor Tri Karyono of Tanri Abeng University Jakarta, Indonesia has died. Tri was a tireless supporter of the international effort to research and promote comfortable and environmentally responsible buildings. Over the years he organised a number of international meetings and conferences on the subject in Indonesia and took an active part in international dialogue. He was also a helpful and supportive friend.
We are gathering below eulogies which give a rounded appreciation of Tri's contribution. If you still have particular memory of him which you would like to add please send it to Fergus Nicol and we will compile it below.
Fergus Nicol

Professor Dr. Tri Harso Karyono of Tanri Abeng University, who died on 9th January 2018, was a friend and colleague who will be very sorely missed by those who knew him. Tri was a Professor of Architecture, researching and lecturing on sustainable built environments, tropical architecture, thermal comfort and low carbon city, not only at his own university in Jakarta but also in a number of other architectural schools across Indonesia.

Tri trained as an architect at the Department of Architecture of the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in Indonesia, from which he received an engineering degree in Architecture. This engineering focus led him to the study of the performance of buildings rather than merely their appearance, initially at the Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies at the University of York in the UK where he received his MA degree following the completion of his dissertation on "Solar Energy and Architecture: A Study of Passive Solar Design for Hospital Wards in Indonesia". He then moved to the School of Architectural Studies, University of Sheffield, UK to carry out his doctoral research, receiving his PhD for his thesis "Thermal comfort and energy studies in multi-storey office buildings in Jakarta, Indonesia".

Tri was a highly important researcher, teacher and practitioner. He published numerous books, in both English and Indonesian as well as many conference papers and scholarly articles in research journals. He also designed and built a number of houses, including his own low energy house in Jakarta. His designs were based on simplicity, using natural materials and achieving comfort in the tropical climate without the use of machines and energy. His studies showed how much could be learned from the vernacular tradition, which could guide how we might live in the future. This was the key focus of his work, the idea that we can live more simply in order to have greater wellbeing and a sustainable future. As well as his academic writings he wrote for newspapers where he regularly promoted to a wide audience the idea of the benefits of simplicity, not only in buildings but in diet, transport, work and all aspects of living, always giving examples of these ideas in practice to show how they could work.

As well as having many professional achievements, Tri was a charming and modest man. He lived his life simply, entirely in line with the principles that he put forward - his house used no air conditioning, he ate a simple diet and preferred to walk or use the bus. If he had to make longer journeys he preferred to take the train whenever he could. He was an example to us all. I shall miss Tri greatly, it was always a pleasure to be in his company and he taught me much with his wisdom and kindness.
Robert Vale
Wellington, New Zealand
12th January, 2018

I feel a real loss about the death of Prof Karyono. At one time, I was motivated in carrying out thermal comfort studies in Malaysia because of his several thermal comfort investigations in Indonesia. In fact, his entitled article on report on thermal comfort and building energy studies in Jakarta-Indonesia inspired me to carry out an investigation on hourly and monthly thermal comfort in the humid tropics of Malaysia. I had the privilege to meet him one time during TAU Conference on Mitigating the Built Environments for Climate Change. He was the main organiser of the event. I was so excited to publish the results of my investigation under his guidance.

Prof Tri Harso Karyono was the academic editor for the special issue selected papers from 2015 TAU Conference on Mitigating the Built Environments for Climate Change. Honestly, I was privileged to know more about Prof Karyono through his publications on Thermal Comfort in Indonesia. He will certainly be greatly missed by all of US. My condolence to you, his friends, and family.
With my affection and sympathy
Djamila Harimi

Very sorry to hear the news about the sad demise of Tri. Although I personally met him only once or twice, he’s come across as a very amicable and friendly person. I have great respect for him. He’s been a friend for over a decade. I read his research work during my PhD and found it really very helpful. He will be deeply missed for many Windsors to come. I pray for his soul to rest in peace. Please pass on my deepest commiserations to his family.
Madhavi Indraganti

I am so shocked to hear such a bad news! I remember Tri has hosted an international symposium and invited me to give a talk. His is an important contributor from a developing country to the field of thermal comfort research in the world. I am sorrowful for this lost. Please conveyed my condolences to his families.
Zhu Yingxin

Oh so sad!. May his soul rest in perfect peace And May the Lord comfort the family and all friends and associates in Jesus name.
Michael Adebamowo

This is a very sad news. Pak Tri, as he was known in Indonesia, was one of Indonesia’s most respectful architectural science scholars. My sincere condolences. Indonesia has lost one of its finest men.
Veronica Soebarto

I am very surprised to hear about it. It is really unbelievable. I wrote him an e-mail in the middle of December, but he did not respond. He may have not be feeling well at that time. He also provided two chapters for our book: thermal comfort and occupant behaviour in Indonesia. I don't know what to do. I pray that his soul may rest in peace. Best wishes,
Hom Rijal

One of the leading light in Architectural Sciences and Building Thermal Comfort. His works have been a motivation for upcoming researchers since 2000 when his publications in building comfort were cited online and mentored some of us who have never had the opportunity to meet him. What a great loss. May Allah grant the family to bear the irreparable loss.
Kadiri Kabir

Professor Tri Harso Karyono was known to me most probably as early as 1993. We met at the School of Architectural Studies, University of Sheffield, where he was pursuing his doctoral degree and as guest researcher I was working on my book "Solar Energy Resources of Pakistan". We shared the computer lab and had useful discussion. Our association continued when I joined Oxford Brookes, where he used to come for guidance from Professor J Fergus Nicol. We have common interest - "Thermal comfort and energy use in building".
Tri was a great teacher and an active researcher - apart from supervising graduate students, has published a number of scientific articles in the international journals, architectural magazines and newspapers (particularly for general public). His book "Green Architecture" is well taken and is extensively used in architectural studies - printed twice in the three years of publication.
Tri was a friend to everyone, equally loved by his students and respected by his colleagues. May Allah (SWT) bless him with a place in "Jannat ul Firdous" and "Sabr e Jamil" to his family "Amin"
Professor Iftikhar A Raja
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
Abbottabad, Pakistan

Some research published by Tri Harso Karyono can be accessed at ResearchGate Tri Karyono